I'm Hermann.

I like coding



I am Hermann and this is my site. I use Flutter to create apps for mobile and web. I am also currently learning web development

My Projects

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QuantoSurveys is my latest big Flutter project. With QuantoSurveys you can create, distribute and analyse data from surveys made for your audience.
With the newest release of QuantoSurveys, you can switch on Exam Mode - grade and release marks on one website. And the best part? It happens with a flick of a switch.
QuantoSurveys is available on the Web



I have quite a lot of files. Some of them are important to be accessible everywhere, so have to be on the cloud. The problem with Drive and Dropbox is, you have to log in and you don't always remeber these credentials.
I made Files, a simple web app that solves this problem. I can add and delete files and folders on the web. And they are available everywhere.
Check it out here

Books by Hermann

Books by Hermann

Books is a new and simple book-reviewing site. With Books, authorized members can add books, add or edit reviews, and much more. Other members can access all the reviews without logging in.
Books is made to be a kind of blog - where I keep track of the books I have read.
Books is available on the Web


Diner is a voting app. You can use it to decide where to take-out. You can add customizable places and foods and vote for your favourite.

Diner is available as a web app here

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